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Welcome to the world of Kasey Dean.  Where you will find vampires, werewolves, bondage, drama, and of course true love and a happily ever after. I hope you enjoy my stories and come to love my characters as much as I do.

    My first book "No Escape From Destiny" was released on  March 15, 2012 and I am working on the second book in the series. So if you love vampires and true love check back soon for the link to the first book of my "Destinies" series.

    My second book "Hidden Alpha" is set to be released August 12, 2012. This will be book one of my "Alpha mates" series and features three very hot wolf shifters and their mate.

    My books so far are MMF and MMMF erotica but I have many ideas for all kinds of loving.

    Please check out Siren Publishing while you're here.

 I was born and raised  in Northern New York where I still live with my husband, two sons, one daughter, step-son, and several pets that somedays I really want to get rid of.

    I work a full time job twelve hours a day that is very stressful. I enjoy losing myself in books so much that I decided it was time the characters in my head needed to have their stories told.

     My favorite books involve lots of romance and a happily ever after.  Don't tell my characters that though, some of them are mad at me for not writing their stories yet.  While I love romance between a man and a woman there is just something to be drooled overabout hot and sexy men loving on each other.

I would love to hear from my readers at  KaseyDean@live.com 
Of course I'm always on Twitter  https://twitter.com/#!/Kasey_Dean
Also on facebook www.facebook.com/KaseyDean


  1. I just read your book and am a fan. I cannot wait until your next book. I also follow the writers that inspired you. Have you ever read Kalina Cole? I think you would appreciate her heroine's humor :)

  2. I have read both of your books recently and I AM A FAN! You are on this list with other favorites, Stacey Espino, Leah Brooke etc. It's a shame that you have to keep another full-time job. With talent like yours, you should always be writing. What makes your books stand out for me, is that they don't just have one, main conflct. The books walks you through several conflicts and resolutions. That's what makes it impossible to put down.

    When can we look forward to your next book? Can you give us a hint? Damian's story?

  3. I just read your book hidden mates and am a fan. I cannot wait until your next book in the alpha mate series......when is it coming out. With talent like yours, you should always be writing. Your books keep me glued, and what makes them stand out is the different plots/conflicts that they have.
    When can i look forward to your next book? Can you give me a hint?