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Meet the Author/Interview With a Character

Thank you all for joining me on this blog hop. I hope you enjoy meeting new authors or getting to know some of your favorites a little better.  

Meet Kasey Dean

This is me, Kasey Dean.  Why you may ask is half my face covered? Well because I, like many other authors use a pen-name, when writing. Kasey just kind of appeared in my head one day and decided she wanted to be heard.  I like to call her my evil twin sometimes but in truth the 'real' me is just a twisted as Kasey is. 

I was born and raised in Northern New York (about 30 minutes from Canada). I have been married for a little over twelve years and have four amazing children (one stepson, two sons, and the baby at seven years old is a girl). I keep telling her she's going to be very well  protected as she grows up. 

I work a very stressful job twelve hours a day. Between work, kids, pets, being and EMT, and recently a Thirty-One consultant, and a million other things I find myself doing there aren't many hours left in the day but I had so many stories in my head that needed to be told I decided to become and author.  It started out just a joke and I never really planned to submit the first book I wrote but the more and more I read and thought about it I thought maybe, just maybe someone would like and want to read my books.  The day I received the acceptance letter from Siren Publishing I cried and couldn't believe they actually liked it and wanted to publish it.  The journey since then has been so rewarding and enlightening.  I have made many new friends that I can "be myself" with. I have even met other authors who's book I have read and were the motivation behind me beginning to write. They have all been welcoming and have become my writing "family". 

Basic favorites about me:
Food - Pizza
Color - Pink (for breast cancer awareness)
Book genre - Romance/Erotica of course
Season - Summer
Movie - Pretty Woman
Actor - Vin Diesel
Actress - Michelle Rodriquez 
Code word - Spaghetti 
(Yes I LOVE Fast and Furious. Whoever decided to put the two of them together in a movie is a genius.)

Interview with Adrian Hektor-Drakon
Or at least my idea of what he looks like. This is actually fitness expert Jessie Pavelka.
No Escape from Destiny (Destinies Book 1)

Me: Easy questions first. 
Food: Burritos
Color: Black
Season: Winter (So I have a reason to snuggle up with my mates)
Movie: Finding Nemo (Don't judge, just go with it)
Actor: Samuel L Jackson
Actress: Milla Jovovich
Book: Goodnight moon

Me: So Adrian what have you been up to since your book was released? 

Adrian: Basically trying to help Anstice take care of Kassie who's almost nine now and Kairos and Kyrie who just turned two.  I'm not sure how that woman takes care of them all day, every day but I'm glad she does. She's a great mom and I couldn't ask for a better mate. Oh and Nikkos helps sometimes too. 

Me: Speaking of Nikkos, how does it feel after all these years knowing that he had felt the same way about you as you felt about him but was afraid to admit it?

Adrian: I just wish I had known for sure.  There were small things he did in the past that made me think maybe he felt the same for me but I was too afraid of losing him as a friend to push him into anything.  I do have to admit, I'm kinda glad I didn't push. If I had then I'm not sure if we would have found Anstice.  As corny as it sounds, she competes us and I couldn't imagine not having her in our lives.  

Me: What are you plans for the future? 

Adrian: For now we're just living day to day and enjoying life.  We have a few more vacation that we want to go on but with the missing vampire and not knowing who is responsible we can't risk taking the family anywhere right now.  Hopefully we will have answers soon and be able to relax and just enjoy each other again.  

Me: Do you have any advice or words of wisdom for readers?

Adrian: Just live for the day. Live to be happy. Don't try to force anything. Happiness will come to you when it is meant to.  As Anstice's tattoo says τὸ πεπρωμένον φυγεῖν ἀδύνατον. It's impossible to escape from what is destined.  While I believe that every choice you make affects yours or someone else's destiny, it's impossible to escape from the choices you make and the results of those choices.  

Me: Thank you Adrian. 

Adrian: Wait I have a question for you. 

Me: Okay .Shoot.

Adrian: Are you going to write more books in the Destinies Series?

Me: Yes I am. I have started Lucian's story but I have to finish the second book of my Alpha Mates series first.

Adrian: But you started with us. You should get to work on Lucian's story. Oh and you're going to be nice right? Your not going to make him suffer like you did Damian right? 

Me: Because the Skye from the Alpha Mate Series needs his story told too. But don't worry it's almost finished. And you know I can't promise to be nice to Lucian but I can promise he WILL have a HEA by the time I'm done.  I think you will be very surprised at what his story has in story for him and your family.  I can't say anything more but it sure will be interesting. 

Adrian (rolls eyes): Interesting? Great that's what you said about Damian's story.  I better get going and warn the family that you're about to turn our world upside down again. 

Me: I'll try to be a nice as I can, but what fun will live be without a little drama?! (LOL) 

I hope you enjoyed meeting Adrian and myself. He and I would both love to answer any questions you have for us. 
Now to the extra fun part of the hop for you, the reader. 


There will be two giveaways on my site.  
First will be an e-copy of both No Escape from Destiny (Adrian's book)

Destiny's Journey

Books one and two of the Destinies Series.  

Leave me or Adrian a question. We'll answer it and you will be entered into the drawing. 

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Second is the Grand Prize

A $50 Amazon gift card.
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Meet the Author/Interview With a Character Blog Hop

Ever wonder what makes your favorite author tick?

Ever wonder where your favorite book characters are now? 
What they've been doing since you read their story.
What their favorite color or food is.
The location of their dream vacation. 
Even the number one item on their bucket list. 

Don't wonder any longer!

Join some really great authors and find out some of these answers and more at the 
Meet the Author/Interview With a Character
Blog Hop

August 26-30, 2013

Add your name and website to the linky list below or contact me kaseydean(at)live(dot)com to become a participant. 
Check back soon for more information. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bravery vs. Screaming like a little girl

This is what a mouse may look like to some people. 

But to me it's more like this. 

(Plotting and scheming to take over the world)

Some people say I have an irrational fear of mice.  But it's not irrational at all there is a completely rational reason that I am scared to death of mice. And by scared to death I mean I will jump up on the closest, highest piece of furniture in the room whenever I even THINK I hear one in the house, and staying there for at least an hour or until the cat comes and catches and kills it.

When I was about eleven, where we lived we had a mouse problem. No matter what we did they were always in the house.  Mouse traps, poison, the little sonic thingy, no cats though because my mom said she was allergic to them.  I hated mice, I was always afraid that they would get in my bed while I was sleeping and walk all over me or something.  Now that may have been a little bit of my overactive imagination at work but that's what I thought. 

One night I was woken by the sound of a mousetrap in the kitchen going off.  My first thought...great one less mouse to worry about.  My second...nope not dead (I could hear my dog chasing something around the kitchen and just knew the thing wasn't dead). I listened for a few minutes when all of a sudden something (it had to be a mouse) landed on my bed right next to my pillow.  I jumped up screaming onto the footboard then up onto the post of my four poster bed. Screaming my fool head off, my mother and father both come into the room asking what was wrong.  Told them there was a mouse in my bed.  Father insisted it was just one of my many stuffed animals I had on the bed. Mother said I was probably just dreaming. I told them it wasn't either and that I was wide awake and told them about Cruz (the ugliest dog you will ever meet. Half poodle, half chihuahua. But I loved him) was chasing a mouse around the kitchen.  They went and check and sure enough there was a mouse stuck in a trap but not dead.  My father moved my bed to the middle of the floor in my bedroom and that is where it stayed, so no more mice could fall onto my bed from the open beamed ceiling. 

In the words of Ron White "I told you that story so I could tell you this one."

Sound asleep I hear something making a noise in my closet. My first thought...a mouse and the little rat bastard MUST die.  I will go buy a new trap tomorrow (I just throw them away because I can't touch them to empty them if a mouse is caught in one). The noise go louder...second thought...that's a damned big mouse.

I tap my husband on the shoulder. And by tap I mean he probably has bruised on his should the size of my fingertip and CSI might be able to pull my fingerprints our of the bruises. He wakes up. I inform him that there is a mouse in the closet and he needed to do something about it.  He tells me to go to sleep, leave it alone, and it will go away. 


We have been together almost seventeen years and he thinks this is going to work.  This from a man that came home from work one day to find me sitting ON the kitchen table writing on my laptop. When he asked what I was doing I told him there was a mouse and the chairs just weren't high enough to keep it away from me.  When I told him that it has been at least an hour since I last saw or heard from the mouse he laughed and left me sitting there. He didn't go on a mad search for said mouse to kill it. He left. Bad, bad man. 

Knowing I'm not going to sleep I decide to investigate this mouse and try to make him go away (from a distance of kneeling on my bed from across the room). I turn my flashlight app on on my phone and shine it toward the closet. Because this will scare the big bad mouse and make it go away. Oh no, the noise got louder and louder until suddenly I saw something much worse than a mouse. 

What's worse than a mouse you may ask? 

How about a mouse with wings.
Aka....a BAT!!!!

This is not the exact bat obviously because there is no way in hell that I would get close enough to one to take a picture but I'm sure this is what the one in me bedroom last night looked like. Except I'm pretty sure his teeth were bigger.

I scream bloody murder and put the blanket over my head. Rolling myself in the blankets to make sure the is no way that the evil thing can get in.  By this time husband is completely awake telling me "Stay under the covers because you don't want to see what it is."
DUH!! I saw the spawn of Satan when it flew out of the closet. There isn't anything I could confuse it with. 
He finds something (I have no idea what because I'm hiding and screaming for him to just kill it) to swat at it with.  It is obviously flying over the bed because every time he swats at it he over swings and hits the bed.  Of course to me that is really the bat falling on top of me so I scream every time he does it.  

Finally I hear a swat and a ka-thunk as something hits the floor on my side of the bed.  I ask if it's dead. The answer comes in the form of him beating on the floor with whatever weapon he has in his hand.  The he leaves the room. Just freaking left me there under the covers while there may  or may not be a dead bat right next to my bed.  He comes back a few minutes later with something to put it in. 

The bat is now inside an old water pitcher, inside a plastic bag, in the refrigerator in the back of my garage because public health wants to test it for rabies as we were sleeping when I first heard it so there is no way of knowing if it had landed on the bed or anywhere else before I heard it.  

To say the least I have been awake since midnight when this happened and am exhausted.  The only good part was that all my screaming did not wake up my seven year old daughter.  I'm glad of this because you have to be brave for your children and there was no way in hell I could have been brave for anyone last night.  I still haven't told her about the bat and probably won't because she'll never sleep again if she knows there was one in the house.  As it is she has to have her desk pushed up against her closet door every night before she'll go to sleep.  

Moral of the story.  
My fears are not irrational!! If I hadn't had my very real fear of mice I wouldn't have bothered looking to see what it was doing and the bat would have been flying around the room all night without anyone knowing until the blood sucking evil mouse with wings landed on our bed. 

Oh and check your screens to make sure there are no holes in them.