Sunday, April 7, 2013

Destiny's Journey (Destinies Book 2) Damian's story

I have finally finished writing Damian's story in my Destinies series.  This book was very hard for me to write because I knew exactly where it was going.  ALL the characters were talking to me and the story was flowing perfectly.  The rate I was writing it should have been finished in about two months but as I was writing I remembered something that was in the submission rules for my publisher.

I went back and checked the rules again and of course what I remembered was the actual rule.  After rereading the rules I had to change almost the whole story.  While my characters did get their HEA it took a long time.  Once they realized I was going to "fuck with their life" they were pissed and refused to speak to me.

No matter how many times I begged and pleaded with them and promised them they would get their HEA they would just have to work for it they would not cooperate.  By not cooperate I mean they wouldn't speak to me when I was trying to write their story but when I would try to work on something else they were in the back of my mind jumping up and down, waving their arms so I couldn't concentrate on anything but them.

Finally after almost a year of trying to tell their story, I have finished and submitted it to Siren.  Now I'm waiting to see if they will accept it.  My hope is that they do and that my fans that enjoyed No Escape From Destiny like Destiny's Journey just as much if not more.  Damian and his mates were my favorite yet to write and as much of a pain in the ass they were I love them dearly and can't wait for their story to be heard.

While I'm sure the men in the above picture are not going to be on the finished cover they are the men I had in mind while I was writing this book.  I will keep everyone updated on Siren's response and when/if it will be published.

To anyone that read No Escape From Destiny and have been waiting for the next book.  Thank you so much for your patience.  I probably could have finished it sooner but neither myself or my characters would have been happy with it if I had to leave out certain elements that needed to be in the story.

I have ideas for at least two more books in the Destinies series and have already started working on book two of the Alpha Mates series along with a BDSM book possibly to be titled Kenzie's Saviors. Now that Destiny's Journey is complete I'm hoping Damian and his mates will be happy and let me write the other characters I have wandering around in my mind waiting for their chance to be heard.

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