Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hidden Alpha Excerpts Release August 12

My next book Hidden Alpha, the first book in my "Alpha Mates" series will be released on 
August 12, 2012. 


       Devlin and Chase have been searching for eleven years for the other mate.  When disaster strikes the same day Chase finds their human mate he knows they found her at the perfect time to complete their family.

       Amalya is a human who had her heart broken five years ago when the love of her life Gavin left without contacted her again.  When she meets Chase and Devlin she is thrown into a world she never knew existed.  She is drawn to the two wolf shifers but has a hard time trusting them.

       Devlin and Chase earn her trust and start to heal her heart but her happiness doesn’t last. Gavin returns to claim her as his mate and a threat from the past she never knew existed has come back for her.

 Can the three men put their differences aside and make her happy or will they all lose her?  

Story Excerpt

She rubbed her arms as she studied them and asked, “Okay, what do you want to talk about?” She knew she was being a bitch and had no right, she just couldn’t help it. She didn’t know that they were together when she had kissed Chase in her classroom, but she still felt bad. Even if she had been wrong for kissing him, it didn’t give Devlin the right to put his hands on her. He was lucky that she felt bad about kissing his boyfriend or she would have let him have it. She had taken karate classes since she was seven years old and had a forth degree black belt. Gavin’s parents had insisted that every girl should know how to defend themselves.  Because of this, they had paid for her classes when she was a kid. She had liked the classes so much she had continued them and was now a part time instructor at her karate school. When he had grabbed her arm, she had almost reacted and defended herself, but something deep down told her not to fight the man. Her brain was at war inside her head. First it said “fight” and don’t let him hurt you. Then just as she was ready to break his hold on her arms, it said, “you deserve this for kissing his boyfriend.” She couldn’t figure out why she was so confused around the two males. One part of her wanted to tell them both off and walk out the door, but another part wanted them to hold her and tell her they weren’t mad at her.
When she realized Devlin still hadn’t answered her, she crossed her arms and asked again, “What do you want to talk about?”

* * * *
Devlin watched the female rub her arms and was ready to kick himself when he realized he had left bruises on her arm. If what Chase said was true, which he was starting to believe, and she was their mate, he should be protecting her from being hurt not hurting her. He stepped forward and went to reach for her arms to check out the damage he had caused, but she flinched and took a step back, and Chase put his hand on his shoulder to stop him from touching her. It seemed neither of them trusted him, and he didn’t blame them It was going to take a lot of work on his part to earn her trust now.
While he was still not sensing her as their mate he trusted Chase with his life.  He knew he would never do anything to hurt him or to tear them apart.  There was nothing left to do but trust in Chase and make their now mate a part of their family. He was sure that whenthe stress of the day wore off he would sense her the same way that Chase had.  Now all he had to do was make things right with both of his mates. He had to admit that there was something about her that was drawing him in.  If he hadn’t overreacted when he scented her on Chase he probably would have been able to see it before. “I’m sorry I hurt you, sugar, I don’t know why, I just lost it. I’m very sorry, and it will never happen again. I will protect you for the rest of my life and see to it that you are never hurt again by my hand or anyone else’s.” She studied him and nodded her head but did not come closer. He dropped his hand that he held out to her and stepped back.
Chase was right there and wrapped his arms around him, kissing the side of his neck. He whispered low so no one but Devlin could hear him. “Just give her time. We have to earn her trust. I don’t think she knows what we are or why you reacted that way to her. She’ll learn, you’ll see.”
Devlin nodded and cleared his throat before saying, “My name is Devlin. What is yours?” She looked from his face to Chase’s arms around him, and the only word he could find for her expression was “desire.” Not the sexual desire he hoped to feel from her, but desire to be wanted and needed like he needed Chase.  
“Amalya McKinnon,” she finally answered.
Tilting his head he asked, “McKinnon? As in Gavin McKinnon? Are you related to him?” Hurt and some other emotion passed over her face before she quickly schooled her features and answered, “Kinda, his parents adopted me when we were teenagers. Do you know Gavin?”
Devlin pondered her answer. “No, I have heard of him from other pa... Um, family members, but I never met him. We only moved nearby about four and a half years ago. He has been gone for about five years, right?”
He could see tears in her eyes. “Yeah almost exactly five years.” He knew he needed to change the subject fast. It seemed something bad had happened between them, but now was not the time to find out. Now was the time to earn her trust and explain things to her. They were somehow going to have to find out if she knew about wolf shifters and then explain that was what they were. If she was close to Gavin and his family, she should know about them, but sometimes people kept secrets. Gods knew he and Chase had kept a big secret from everyone for seven years. Devlin was trying to figure out a way to ask her if she was aware of what Gavin was when Dmytri and Adryk walked up to them and asked, “Uncle Devlin, can we go see momma now? The babies are asleep.”

Adult Excerpt

“Are you ready for your mates, milaya?”
Hell yes! She nodded as she placed a hand on each of their shoulders. “I’m ready. Make love to me. Claim me. Make me yours. Forever please.” The look of love that they both gave her was enough to make her knees weak again. Luckily, they were both there to catch her. They carefully laid her on the bed like she would break. Devlin lay beside her on her right side, head propped on his elbow, watching her. Chase knelt over her and covered her with his body. Chase took her lips in a kiss that said she was his and she had better not forget it. When he left her lips and started raining little kissed down her neck headed toward her breasts, Devlin swooped in and took her mouth. Chase worked his way down to take one nipple into his mouth and sucked while Devlin took the other and rolled it between his fingertips. At the feel of Chase’s mouth on her nipple, her back arched, half her body coming off the bed. Every time he sucked her nipple it felt like he was sucking on her clit. It throbbed in response to his mouth. This was the best she had ever felt, and they hadn’t even touched her there yet.  For a second, she wasn’t sure if she would be able to handle more pleasure. But when Chase started kissing down her stomach she knew she wanted more. No, she needed more. She needed him to touch her there. She needed his mouth on her. She needed his cock buried deep inside her. When he was just above her mound, she lifted her hips, hoping he would get the hint. With a small chuckle, he slid her shorts and panties down her legs Then he used his fingers to spread her outer lips. She heard a swift intake of his breath and he froze. Wondering what was wrong with her she lifted her head to look down at him. “What’s wrong with me?”
When he grinned up at her, he had a tear that was just starting to fall down his cheek. “Nothing is wrong. You are perfect. But I’m afraid to hurt you.” He looked to Devlin. “She is innocent. We can’t hurt her.”
She knew what he saw after his statement to Devlin. She was a virgin as she had told them. She had been preached to by Gavin’s parents that it was important for her to keep her innocence until she was found her “one” as they had always called him. They would probably be surprised to find she had two instead of one perfect man in her life. She reached down and ran her fingers over his jaw. “I know you won’t hurt me. I trust you. Please make love to me.”
Chase took a deep breath, and she thought he was going to stop. Just as she was ready to beg, he said, “Just let me know if it hurts and I will stop. I will try to make it as painless as I can.” With that he dipped his head. The touch of his tongue to her clit was enough to set her body on fire. She had never felt anything so amazing. She felt one of his fingers at her opening and clenched. He lifted his head. “Baby, just relax. I won’t hurt you. I don’t really want to take your innocence with my fingers and tongue, but if I don’t stretch you for me it will really hurt. This is the way it has to happen.” She knew what he meant, but had always thought that it would be a man taking her for the first time that would break her virgin barrier.
She took a deep breath and relaxed her body. Devlin helped by softly running his hand up and down her belly and kissing her neck. Chase must have felt her relax because he again lowered his head and started licking at her. She knew she was wet from their attention and briefly wondered if she tasted okay to him. As if he read her mind. He answered her question when he moaned, and she thought she heard him mutter, “Delicious.”. After a few minutes of just his tongue, she felt his fingers at her opening again. She didn’t tense this time. She knew she wanted these men to make love to her and that they wouldn’t hurt her. She felt him slick up a finger in her juices before slowly pushing it into her. She felt full but no pain as he licked at her clit and pushed his finger farther into her. She felt more heat and liquid rush to her pussy that was now throbbing when he worked a second finger into her. There was a small bite of pain but nothing compared to the pleasure she was feeling. The whole time, Devlin was rubbing her lower stomach and whispering words of love in her ear. Chase stopped licking. “So perfect, baby. Now come for us.”
She wasn’t sure she knew what he meant. While she knew some women “took things into their own hands”, she had never felt the need to bring herself pleasure. She wasn’t sure she would know what an orgasm felt like when and if she ever had one.
Wow was she ever wrong. No one could mistake this feeling for anything else.
Heat rushed to her pussy and then engulfed her entire body. She felt like her body was on fire and wouldn’t be surprised if she burst into flames at any moment. She was so caught up in the sensations she barely noticed that Chase had worked his way up her body and was now hovering over her. He was holding his cock at her opening and looking down into her eyes. As if silently asking her permission to enter. When she caught her breath enough to speak, she cupped his jaw and whispered, “Make me yours, my mate.”

Friday, July 20, 2012

People watching at the airport

It's 2:30 pm and I have been at the airport since 5 am.  While waiting on standby for a flight to open up I have had the opportunity to watch people. Some are pleasant, some are rude, and some I just can't help but say to myself "Why the hell is wrong with this person?"

The first flight I was watching people board was one of those "What the hell" moments.  There was a family of five.  Mother, Father and three children.  They apparently decided they don't have to follow the same rules as everyone else.  They purchased three tickets thinking two of the children could sit on their laps and not have to pay for a ticket.  Well, that didn't work out too well for them. Only one of the children was under the age of two so they were short one child's ticket.  The mother INSISTED that they had flown that way before and that they never had a problem before. That didn't go over too well with the staff.  They nicely informed them that they would have to buy another ticket or they weren't going to be allowed on the plane.  After attempting five different credit cards the mother had, they finally had another ticket on the plane.  THEN the mother realized that the ticket wasn't sitting next to them so she threw a temper tantrum and said "My child IS NOT sitting alone on a plane."   This was my facepalm moment.  Hellllllo, one of you sits with the kids, the other sits somewhere else.  They had to explain this to her three times before I could see the very dim light bulb go off over her head.  

The same flight should have been my first flight but I am flying standby. The flight was already overbooked and there were nineteen people on the standby list.  Now I know I'm not the most intelligent person in the world but I do have some common sense.  Apparently I was one of the only one that was waiting on standby that had ANY common sense.  Once the flight was full and these other people were told there was no more seats available some complained, some just went with the flow,some panicked because they were going to miss a connecting flight,  but my favorite were airport employees that were waiting to get on the plane.  

One of the was IN UNIFORM and started giving the gate staff a hard time about not being allowed on the plane.  The other wasn't in uniform and if she hadn't been so loud no one would have known that she was an employee.  However with every word she spoke she got louder and louder until I'm pretty sure most of the terminal could hear her.  She apparently thought she was more important than anyone else that wanted to get on that plane and that they should break the rules for her and allow her something that she "always got to do". When she didn't get her own way she asked if she could get documentation to show that she wasn't allowed on the plane so she wouldn't get in trouble for not making it to work on time.  

I'm sorry but if you know you have to be to work at a certain day and time and were not guaranteed a seat on a plane wouldn't you maybe, possibly leave a day earlier? Just sayin' is all.  They told her that they would give her something saying the flight was full but she still wasn't happy.  She asked AGAIN if there was anyway to get on the plane.  When she was informed yet again NO. She stomped away from the gate without getting her 'documentation'. Maybe she will get fired for being late for work because of stupidity and not be able to fly standby again.  When she has to pay full price for airfare she'll realize how good she had it. 

While waiting for the next flight, (which I didn't get on either obviously as I'm blogging from the airport), the same man walked past me five times in less than ten minutes.  Each time he was studying his boarding pass and looking at that gate numbers.  Now if all the gates were full, I would understand him being confused and possibly lost. However there were only people at two gates in the whole terminal.  How could you possibly be THAT lost? 

After not getting on the second flight either I had time to relax. I'm sitting in a corner away from EVERYONE else minding my own business reading.  A woman goes out of her way to come and speak to me.  While that wouldn't always be a bad thing because I like meeting new people, but she didn't speak English!  I'm in the United States and I have to say I don't think there is anything about me that would make someone think that I am from another country. But apparently to this woman, I spoke her language.  I have NO idea what language she was speak, much less what she wanted. When I informed her I only speak English my jaw almost dropped to the floor when she threw her hands in the air, said something that I'm pretty sure was "fuck you then" (I can't be sure as I still have no idea what language she said it in) and stomped off away from me, mumbling to herself.  It is not my fault that I don't speak your language.

Finally made it on a flight that was delayed two hours. Listened to a man on the plane complain the whole two hour flight how he already missed his connection and the airline "had better do something" for him. Um dude, they probably could have if you just asked.  They reassigned at least thirty other people to other flights on other airlines. I'm pretty sure they could have probably helped you too if you had just asked.  Instead you sit on a plane and complain WAY too loudly, for WAY too long. Now I'm in the second airport with a three hour layover.  The flight is showing full right now with eight people on standby. Hopefully someone doesn't show up and I can get on the plane. If not I'll have to wait another two hours and hope for the best.  If that flight is full too, I have no idea what I'll do. I really don't want to spend the night in an airport but I guess that's the risk you take when you're flying standby.

So far I haven't seen anything too strange here but the day is still young so you never know. For those of you that are really bored and made it all the way through my rant on airport travelers, thank you for joining me on my journey to crazy land.  Wish me luck to get on my next flight and make it home sometime tonight.  

Friday, July 13, 2012

When the Darkness Falls Blog Hop

I would like to say Happy Birthday to Hennessee Andrews and thank her for hosting this blog. 

I have been trying to weeks to figure out what I was going to write for this blog and still really have no idea.  I was going to write a short story about Friday the 13th but have been so tied up between writing, editing and working that I just haven't had time. 

I don't usually consider myself a superstitious person but I have to admit I am when it come to Friday the 13th.  I also have superstitions when dealing with full moons too.  I believe my ideas come from my evil day job. I work in law enforcement and have had many strange things occur on Friday the 13th and around the full moon. The full moon phenomenon seems to be a common superstition in a lot of law enforcement employees that I have had the chance to meet and get to know.  It's not just the night of the full moon though.  For three days before and three days after we receive outlandish calls.  

While I cannot take time of from work for every full moon I do however usually take Friday the 13th off if I am scheduled to work.  Today will be my first Friday the 13th that I have worked in a few years. While I hope for a quiet and uneventful day, I'm sure that is not going to happen.  

I will be sure to share some of my Friday the 13th craziness with you at a later date but until then I would like to hear about your Friday the 13th adventures.  Either good or bad please leave me a comment with your most memorable Friday the 13th.  

Anyone that leaves a comment will be entered to win a copy of my book No Escape of Destiny or if you have already read it and want to wait I will send you a copy of my next book Hidden Alpha when it is released in August. I will also be giving away a $20 gift e-card of winners choice from EITHER Bookstrand, Amazon, OR, Barnes and Noble. For more chances to win please see the Rafflecopter below.

Also don't forget to join the other authors on this blog hop for more chances to win awesome prizes.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

I would like to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July.  Please, on this day remember all those that have fought for our freedom.  I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.