Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chocolate and Roses blog hop

Welcome to the Chocolate and Roses blog hop and giveaway!

May 5th through the 9th

Thank you for joining me on this blog hop and giveaway.  We have all decided to tell you a story of our most memorable time some gave us chocolate and/or roses.

As cliche at it may sound the most memorable time I received roses was when my husband proposed to me.  We were having a combined party for his son's fifth birthday and our son's second.  Since it was a birthday party for our children there were lots of family member there.  We had just finshed having cake and ice cream and I my mother and I were cleaning up the kitchen while the kids played with all the new presents.  It had been a few minutes and I had asked someone where he had gone.  No one seemed to know.

I heard the front door shut which was strange because we never use that door and was going to go investigate when he walked into the kitchen with a dozen pink roses in his hand.

We had been hinting about getting married but never really discussed it seriously.  He held the flowers out to me with a ring box in his other hand.  I was actually speachless (me who can't stop talking for five seconds). He asked if I would marry him and put the ring on my finger.  I'm not sure who was crying more. Him, me, or my mother.

After I was done crying and could compose myself again everyone wanted to know if that was a "yes"?  I said of course it is.  I couldn't believe I was finally marrying the man I loved and wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

We have been married for ten years this June and now have three wonderful children.  While things haven't always been perfect we have survived and will continue on.

While I would love to share some pictures with you sadly when I switched computers I seem to have misplaced a lot of my pictures and cannot find any of them from that day. While I can't share those pictures with you I can share this one.  I recently took the kids on vacation for ten days and my husband stayed home.  When we got back the day after Easter, these were waiting on the kitchen table for me along with Easter treats for the kids.

Now for the contest. 

Prizes are a copy of my book No Escape from Destiny in ebook form.  Also EITHER $25 in Standbucks to use at SirenBookstrand OR a $25 gift card to EITHER Amazon OR Barnes and Noble.  The winner will get to select which give card they want and both will be delivered to them by email.  Please make sure that you can us the gift cards wherever your entering from. To enter leave me a comment on this post about your memorable time you received roses and/or chocolate from someone. See below for more ways to enter.

Make sure you visit all of the other Authors on the blog hop and enter their giveaways. 

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  1. I received 2 dozen red roses from different florists and my husband walked up the drive with the fifth white rose for my 25th birthday. The roses and the marriage are gone but the memory is still fresh.

  2. the first year at my new job, my parents sent me roses for my birthday. i'd never received roses before. to make it even better, i will always have not only the memory, but i will have one of the roses. a friend snitched one and made a pressed flower picture of the roses and framed it for me as a gift.

  3. Hi Kasey
    making my way through the blog hop list! Does the time I got the chocolates bought in Europe but transported through Asia (ie hot) to end up with me in one congealed mess count...memorable but not yummy!!!
    cheers Simone

  4. I've never gotten flowers... Or chocolate, but I HAVE given them... My mom went to Cali to deal with our storage and when she came home, flowers and chocolate were waiting for her.

  5. Well, I was having a bit of a crappy week in February, so my sister gave me a giant box of different kinds of Reese's Peanut Butter cups. And because I'm of the mind that peanut butter cups always make you feel good, I had a much better following week becaue of that gesture.


  6. My husband gives me roses and chocolates every Valentines day and he has never missed in 19 years :)

  7. Before my husband and I got married, I worked out of town a lot and stayed extensively in hotels. I received roses one day and picked them up at the front desk. All the card said was, "From a secret admirer." I worked with a lot of men and never thought my honey would send roses. We hadn't been dating that long. He called and asked how my day was as I stood with an arm full of roses. I had the deer in headlights emotion fluttering away, because I didn't know who sent the roses and didn't know whether to say or not. We ended up having a good laugh. I was surprised and so very happy they came from him. 15 years later, he's still the love of my life.

  8. What a great story! Sounds so sweet! Lots to celebrate that day. Im glad you found your special someone! :) I dont really have a good romance story to tell. But growing up, my mom always bought us kids a box of chocolate a piece and a flower, no matter what holiday or because sometimes, she just felt like it. :) She didnt want us kids to feel left out. My mom is a jewel. She always knew how to make us kids feel special.

  9. When our son was born 27 years ago, I received a dozen red roses, but didn't get any chocolate.
    But this past Valentine's Day I got a nice bouquet of roses, a heart shaped box with chocolates and a cute little stuffed puppy with a ribbon that said I Wuff You.
    Thanks for sharing your story.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  10. Hate to say it but there has been no real memorable time that I've received chocolate or roses. I've never received any flowers, and the only time I received chocolate was during Christmas from a co-worker.

    What a sweet story, and congratulations on your upcoming 10 year anniversary!


  11. And the winner drawn at random with the help of rafflecopter is.....drum roll please......

    Pam AKA VanillaOrchids

    Congratulation Pam.

    I hope everyone enjoyed the blog hop and will come back and visit all the author's pages to see what new and exciting books we come out with and participate in more giveaways I'm sure we will all have.

  12. Thank you so much, Kasey! I've responded to the email you sent. :)