Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Busy Busy

Devlin, my Alpha wolf from Hidden Alpha
I know I've been slacking on my blogging for a while now but between work, kids and writing it seems I have no time.  You will all be happy to know that I submitted my next book "Hidden Alpha" which will be the first book to a series possibly titled "Alpha Mates" to Siren and it has been approved for publishing.  It should be released sometime in August. For anyone wondering, it is a menage wolf shifter book with lots of steamy scenes. Of course with three hot and sexy men how could it be anything but steamy.  I will keep everyone updated when I find out more on the release date. As of now I have at least three books planned for that series but you never know what new characters will come along and want me to tell their story.

Now that that one is finished I can concentrate on the next "Destinies" book.  Damian has been waiting patiently for me while I finished Hidden Alpha.  By patiently I mean, I think he went on vacation.  He hasn't been bothering me to get his story out and has been a good boy. Now that Hidden Alpha is finished he has come home and is telling me his story almost faster than I can write.

I have also been planning a BDSM book for a while and am working on that now too.  I have about 10K done on Damian's book and 7K on the other so far.  I hope to have them both finished around the same time so they can be released close together.

As for my Destinies series.  Damian's book is obviously next but for those of you that read No Escape from Destiny I also plan to write Mikhaila and Marcus's story and Lucian will also be getting his HEA.  There is a new character I will be introducing in Damian's book that may also get his own story.  So far I have at least four book planned for that series but as the stories evolve I will probably be adding more.

I hope everyone checks back often for updates.

P.S. I might be having another contest in the next week or so to celebrate my birthday if I can find a few free minutes.  So come back in a few days and see what I find to give away.

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