Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Eight more days

I'm so excited. I just submitted my final approval and the book is now on the website for pre-order.  It all seemed like a dream before but now seeing it on the website and already available for pre-order it has now become so real.  However as excited as I am I am still very nervous.  I have read and re-read it so many times but am still worried that I have missed something and no one is going to like it. 
I worked so hard on it and know that not everyone will like reading it but I hope that most that do buy and read it will love my characters as much as I do.
Anyone that reads this and decides to give me a try I would appreciate your feedback when you're finished reading.  Likes, dislikes, every comment is welcome.  I want to write books that people will love and any constructive criticism is appreciated.
So I hope everyone that reads my first book will fall in love with Nikkos, Adrian, and Anstice.  The second and third books in that series are both in the works right now and I will try to keep you updated on how they are coming along.
I have also started working on two other series. The first is about werewolves and the second is my first try at BDSM.  Keep checking into my blog for further information on all the books I'm working on.  

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