Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I'm writing today from my local laundromat.  I made sure I had almost all the kids clothes washed last Thursday knowing I had to work twelve hour days all weekend and for some reason my four kids have more dirty clothes than fifteen would.  So like I said I made sure almost all of their clothes were clean neglecting mine as I knew I would have to wear my work uniform all weekend and wouldn't need any "street" clothes.

Well that backfired on my yesterday when I tried to do laundry.  My kids must have either thrown clean clothes back into the dirty ones or changed their clothes a million times over the weekend so I started with theirs knowing they needed clothes for school and I wasn't going anywhere and could lounge around in PJ's all day.  After to first two loads of kids and husband's clothes I decided it was time to was at least my uniforms as I have to work Wednesday.

I went down to take what should have been the clean load out and it was still soaked.  Turned the spin cycle on again and the machine wouldn't move.  By this time in the afternoon the only repair place nearby was closed so I had to wait until today.  This morning I call and they inform me that the can't possibly be there until Wednesday or probably more like Thursday.  Well Wednesday I work all day and they are long closed before I get out of work but Thursday is my short day so I asked if they could make it after 2:30pm on Thursday when I get done work.  There weren't sure if that would work for them so now it might be Friday before they can get there.

Well I need my work clothes for tomorrow and know if I wait until Friday to wash the rest of the kids clothes I will be doing laundry all weekend and never get caught up.  So I robbed the changed jug at home and am currently sitting in the laundry mat waiting for my clothes to finish washing then drying them.  The best part is I'm not sure the repairman is even going to be able to fix it without it costing a fortune so I might have to go buy a new one anyway.  I really don't want to have to buy a new on because I hope to be moving soon and I don't want to have to take everything with me.

To top off the whole washing machine dilemma my 12 year old son has been home sick from school the last two days and my husband is home today.  So when I'm don't with my adventures in laundry I get to go home and take care of two sick males.  Maybe I'll stay here for a while and pretend the clothes took longer than expected and just get some work done on one of my books.

That sounds like a good idea actually.  So to everyone that has to go the laundry mat to do their laundry all the time.  I give you lots of credit.  I hate coming here and couldn't imaging having to do it all the time.

Spin cycle just finished. Time to dry.  Enjoy your day everyone.

Monday, February 27, 2012

This is the cabin in Tennessee that I found that fits my image of Devlin and Chase's cabin in my next book.  I think I might take some vacation time and book a week stay here.  A week alone here with no interuptions and I should be able to get the book completely done and submitted.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Promotion is giving me a headache

     Trying to get my name out as a new author is giving me a headache.  I think I'm doing good and then there is something new I learn that I should be doing.  So I want to say thank you to Tymber Dalton for "Pimp Yourself: Easy, Painless, and Cheap Self-Promotion for Writers.  I'm only a little ways through it and have learned a lot already.  I'm so glad for other writers that are willing to help out the newbies.  I have already hopefully learned how to link my blog to my facebook and twitter pages.  I hope.  We'll see in a few minutes when I post this if it works.
So again Tymber thank you for your hints on pimping.  And if you happen to read this somehow. No I'm not really stalking you.  Well maybe but only in a good way.  Your books among others are what inspired me to write my own book and send it in to a publishing company.
Anyone else out there that reads this and is a new or already published author this book is a good investment.  Like I said I'm only ten percent through it and have already learned things I probably never would have figured out on my own no matter how many hours I spend on the computer.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Naughty men that can't behave.

I may be in trouble.  My book characters are at war again.  They all want their stories written and I can't write fast enough for them.  Now they are all jumbled in my head and I'm having a hard time concentrating on the book I'm working on to get it finished.  I tried to distract them but they are all bound and determined to have their story told next.  Not only are my vampires upset but now I have a whole new set of characters that think they are the most important and I should put the book I'm half finished with away and write theirs.  Anyone wanna borrow two sexy and powerful Dom's for a few weeks until I can start on their book?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Too many cartoons

I apparently watch too many cartoons. Just bought a new flat screen tv with surround sound. Sat down to watch a movie with kids. When the sound came on and they started "oh ah" all I could picture was the movie Over The Hedge where the hedgehog turns the tv on and he starts vibrating off the table.